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Tax Protection Program

The IRS continues to rely heavily on tax notices instead of full in-person field audits.  Did you know that the expenses associated with responding to such notices can exceed $1,000?


Protect yourself! Our Accuracy Guarantee and Affordable Peace of Mind tax notice and identity theft restoration services will support you if the IRS notifies you that there are errors on your tax return or if you are a victim of taxpayer related identity theft.


Level 1 - Accuracy Guarantee

With all our individual income tax preparation services you will receive our Accuracy Guarantee.  We will represent you regarding tax notices concerning tax returns and/or tax forms prepared by our firm. This includes correspondence from the IRS and state taxing agencies. If it is determined that the notice was the result of an error by your <firm name> preparer, we will cover the professional fees generally associated with investigating and responding to the notice up to appeals.  We will also cover the cost of any interest and penalties that we cannot resolve.  You will remain responsible for any additional tax since such taxes would have been due had the error not occurred.


Level 2 - Tax Notice Resolution Services

An optional 15% fee will be included on your tax return bill.  If you elect to pay this fee you will receive the same comprehensive advice and representation services provided with our Accuracy Guarantee, even if you receive a tax notice that is not the result of a preparer error.  The only exception is that since the notice is not the result of our error, in addition to being responsible for any additional taxes, you will also remain responsible for any penalties and/or interest that may be assessed by taxing authorities.  All of the professional fees necessary to investigate and respond to the notice up to appeals will be covered by this service fee. This service does not include comprehensive audit and tax assessment resolution services.  However you do receive a preferred client discount of 20% on those services.


Level 3 - Taxpayer Identity Theft Restoration Assistance

Included in the Tax Notice Resolution Services fee is assistance with restoring your social security number if it was used in a taxpayer related identity theft.  The instances of taxpayer related identity theft are on the decline thanks to work within the IRS, the State taxing agencies, and the tax profession.  However, hundreds of thousands of taxpayers every year are the target of taxpayer related identity theft attempts.  In the event your social security number was subject to a taxpayer identity theft, we will assist you with filing the theft claims with the IRS. With this service we would prepare your IRS Form 14039 “Identity Theft Affidavit” and assist with manual tax return filings as may be necessary by the IRS.