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Advantage Tax Group LLC

Year Round Tax Support and Advice

Taking the Stress Out of Taxes

Why We Recommend Year Round Tax Support and Consultation Services

Taxpayers are increasingly frustrated dealing Government Tax Agencies and changing tax laws.  As a result they are finding increasing needs for tax support and consultation outside of the traditional tax preparation and filing season.  These needs are due to a variety of reasons including:


  1. Continual changes to tax laws at the Federal and State level
  2. Increased job changes
  3. Decisions to change careers, retire or make other significant life decisions
  4. Frustration over the lack of access to the IRS or the State tax departments either in writing or by phone
  5. Increased computer- based tax notices sent without any verification by the IRS or the State agencies prior to sending the notice
  6. A host of regulatory changes due to COVID 19 including business closures, stimulus checks and increased unemployment benefits
  7. And this year, a host of regulatory changes due to COVID 19 including business closures, stimulus checks and increased unemployment benefits


As a result we are upgrading our services for the 2021 tax year to include year round/365 day tax support and consultation services. 


Choose the solutions that’s best for you

When we complete your 2020 income tax return you will be billed and pay for the service as you have always done.  In addition, you will want to consider whether you would like to continue with that Basic Tax Service or consider upgrading to either our Standard or Complete tax support and consultation packages for the 2021 income tax year. 


If you choose the Basic Tax Preparation Service for 2021, nothing will change.  We will reserve time in our calendar to prepare your 2021 tax return and will continue to bill and collect for that service as the return is prepared.  Any tax support or consultation services you need in the off season will be billed and collected at our standard rates that average $80-125 per hour for an Enrolled Agent (EA) and $150-$200/hour for a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).


If you choose the Standard or Complete Tax Service package, we will bill you monthly beginning on May 1st via electronic check (ACH) or credit card.  The monthly fees will include all the year round tax support described in the package summary below PLUS the preparation of your 2021 income tax return.  If your circumstances change significantly from 2020 to 2021, the only charge due at the time of the tax preparation will be for any additional forms necessary to report the changed circumstance (ie new rental property, started a business etc).